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«Opti-Soft» at PulpForExpo-2022

«Opti-Soft» at PulpForExpo-2022
International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Pulp and Paper, Forestry, Processing, Packaging Industry «PulpForExpo-2022» was held in St. Petersburg during November 15 – 17. About a hundred interested companies took part in the event. «Opti-Soft» had its own stand and presented the following main software systems: "Opti-Corrupted", "Opti-Loading", "Opti-Paper".
"Opti-Corrupted" remains the leading software system in Russia for corrugated cardboard producers. The company's stand attracted the attention of a large number of participants and the presented systems enjoyed great interest from potential customers. Contacts with many companies will continue after the exhibition.

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