Web-service for optimization of goods shipment (rolls, packages of sawn timber, pallets) in transport (wagons, trucks, containers)

The Opti-Loading service enables automatic solution of a complex of tasks related to the choice of vehicles and loading finished goods. 

The service enables to optimally distribute finished goods (rolls of paper/cardboard of various formats and diameters, as well as pallets and boxes or mixed load) to vehicles: containers, wagons, trucks.

System functions

Opti-Loading uses unique mathematical models and algorithms to calculate optimal loading schemes, including:

  • optimal plans for mix load (rolls, pallets)
  • non-standard loading schemes for wagons, trucks, and containers
  • the most appropriate set of wagons/containers for selected load volume
  • optimal load for the given set of vehicles
  • the order of loading/unloading, the possibility of adding load
  • stiffness and balance of cargo placement, axle weight, etc.
  • geometric dimensions and carrying capacity of the transport
  • dimensions and location of the gate (at the end of a container, in the middle of the side wall of a wagon), the slope of the wagon roof
  • recommendations on additional loading
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Increasing the efficiency of transport loading by 4...5%
Compliance with requirements for balancing and stiffness of cargo placement, loading order, axle weight, etc.
The service can be used as a stand-alone product (including via the Web-interface), or as a plug-in to an existing accounting or MES-system
Reduction of transportation costs by 3...4%
Support of multi-user mode with various functions and access rights
  • The system has a user-friendly interface,
  • Can be easily customized for any type of vehicle,
  • Provides users with all necessary reference information,
  • Automatically generates printed and electronic documents
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Customer feedback

Efremova Marina Vladimirovna,
Manager of the auto and water logistics of the Karelia Pulp branch in Kondopoga
The service helps users to avoid time-consuming manual calculations, flexibly form orders package, promptly calculate the loading schemes for large customers. I'd like to note the convenience of work and visual representation of the calculation results.
Roman Soshkin,
Head of the corrugated packaging automation department of Opti-Soft
The Opti-Loading module is integrated into our Opti-Corrugated system, which allows managers and logistics specialists to calculate the capacity and the required number of vehicles for shipping pallets with finished corrugated board goods.
Svetlana Zaplatkina,
Deputy head of the finished goods shipment department of Mondi Syktyvkar LPK JSC
Initially, the need for the service arose from the complexity of calculating the loading schemes for sheet offset goods with its variety of pallet sizes. Now the service is also used for calculations related to loading paper rolls. Our company is interested in the further use and development of the service together with Opti-Soft.


  • JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar LPK"
  • CJSC "Bolotninskaya gofrotara"
  • Kondopoga JSC
  • LLC "TechnoNIKOL - Construction Systems"
  • and others

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