a modern decision-support system (DSS) for efficient management of sawmills and woodworking mills

The Opti-Sawmill system was developed specifically for sawmills and woodworking mills as a tool for planning, optimizing and managing production and sales.

The system allows to solve the following economic tasks:
- increase the yield of lumber,
- increase profitability ("marginality"),
- reduce the cost of raw materials,
- shorten the orders execution time,
- reduce the time spent by personnel on planning and control procedures,
- generate new sawing patterns and compare their profitability,
- evaluate the profitability of incoming orders.

System functions

Opti-Sawmill uses unique mathematical models and algorithms to effectively address the following main tasks for any number of orders and equipment configuration:

  • Using customer orders specifications and logs data (volumes, lengths, diameters), calculate sawing patterns for maximum efficiency of the entire sawmill, and not for each diameter separately
  • Calculate the optimal schedule for producing batches of goods with coordination of the entire production line: sawing, drying, dry sorting, and further processing
  • Calculate boundaries of log diameters for sorting sawlogs to obtain maximum marginality or volume yield of products
  • Reserve finished and semi-finished products for specific customers and account for these reserves when calculating sawing patterns
  • Forecast the profitability of the production plan, combining the sales of all types of products, production costs, productivity, and other factors
  • Optimize the operation of a group of enterprises by creating a coordinated production plan with optimal allocation of orders between different production sites, as well as comprehensive end-to-end reports
  • Simulate current or potential production programs using existing and "virtual" equipment
  • Provide recommendations for improving the calculated plan
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Increased volume yield and profitability of sawn timber production
Reduction of time spent by personnel on planning and control procedures due to automation of these processes
Increased efficiency of obtaining information on key performance indicators of the mill as a whole, and individual orders
Reduction of in-process inventory at all levels by end-to-end planning and optimization throughout the entire production chain
Reduction of production orders execution time due to reduced equipment downtimes and tighter schedule


  • The System uses Customer accounting systems, which eliminates duplication of information
  • Intuitive interface and complete adaptation for Customer processes allow starting the practical use of the System very quickly
  • Support of multi-user mode with various functions and access rights
  • Support of direct connection to process equipment for data input and equipment control
  • Adaptation to Customer specifics: features of sawing lines and processing equipment; customer requirements (species, grades, lengths, type of cut); order priorities; stock of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods; raw materials supply schedule, etc.

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Customer feedback

Managing Director of "LDK No. 2" LLC (Vytegra)
"Opti-Sawmill is used as a tool for planning, managing and optimizing sawmill production. According to the most modest estimates, the benefits from using the system amount to 65 rubles per cubic meter of sawlogs annually" (Corporate edition "Vologodskie lesopromyshlenninki" №1 (09) October 2017)
Director of Solomensky sawmill LLC
During the project our requirements were implemented fully, and the system showed high efficiency: reducing the use of saw logs when fulfilling order specifications, speeding up the fulfillment of production tasks, reducing the working time of personnel for solving a number of production tasks. We continue cooperation to development these results further
Ilim Timber
Development Director
Opti-Sawmill has been adopted as a standard software for planning the work of sawmills in our group of companies. Implementation works were carried out in Germany in Wismar and in Russia in Ust-Ilimsk. Both projects have passed the configuration stage for volume planning and are in testing and trial operation stage. I'd like to note the active and flexible work of the contractor’s staff. After completing the volume planning module we plan to move on to commercial module.


  • ILIM Nordic Timber GmbH & Co KG (Wismar, Germany)
  • ILIM Timber Bavaria (Landsberg-am-Lech Germany)
  • LLC "Ilim Timber Industry" (Ust-Ilimsk)
  • Amur Forestry Company (Khabarovsk region)
  • LLC "Solomensky Sawmill"
  • Karelian Wood Company LLC (Kostomuksha)
  • LLC "Sawmill and woodworking plant No. 2" (Vytegra, Vologda region)
  • Sokolsky DOK
  • LLC "Bely Ruchey" (settlement Bely Ruchey, Vytegra, Vologda region)

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