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Opti-Soft at the Modern Corrugated Board Conference

Opti-Soft at the Modern Corrugated Board Conference
The conference "Modern Corrugated Production" was held in St. Petersburg on June 14-15, 2022. The organizer is the Institute for Comprehensive Development and Training "Krona" - the federal industry-specific educational and consulting, research and information and analytical center for the training of specialists in the pulp and paper industry and related and other branches of Russia and CIS countries) at the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design.
The conference was devoted to topical issues of optimizing the use of raw materials, fulfilling orders just in time, increasing production efficiency and automating management.
Dmitry Kositsyn, Deputy Director of Opti-Soft, presented the report "Automation of Corrugated Production Management". The main focus of the report was the analysis of the existing problems of the corrugated board and their solutions with the help of information technologies, in particular, using the Opti-Corrugated software system, one of the developments of the Opti-Soft company.

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